Ferrari's new GT launched - on the web

* Hear the new car's engine * See the pictures tomorrow * In the metal at Paris motor show...

Ferrari's new GT launched - on the web

Ferrari is launching its new GT car over the internet.

Details of the front-engined car, codenamed F149, are scarce, but we think it will be powered by a retuned version of the F430's 4.3-litre V8 linked to a new semi-automatic gearbox.

No price information has been revealed, although rumours of it being under 100,000 are now said to be wide of the mark. It's more likely to cost around 150,000.

Various aspects of the car will be revealed each week in the run up to the Paris motor show in October, when the car will be shown for the first time in the metal.

The site will broadcast sounds of the engine at first, with pictures of the car to follow tomorrow.

To see and hear the new car being unveiled, click here.