Fiat aiming for five-star service

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What Car? Staff
10 December 2009

Fiat aiming for five-star service

Fiat and Alfa Romeo buyers will be able to find the best dealerships for customer service on Fiat's website from next year.

Customers will be contacted after visiting a dealership and asked to rate the level of serviced they received. Dealers will then be given a rating out of five stars on the basis of the satisfaction survey.

Online database of dealers' ratings
The results of the survey will be published on Fiat's website, allowing car buyers to decide which dealer offers the best service in their area.

'Customers want good service and if they don't get it, they will go somewhere else,' said Andrew Humberstone, MD of Fiat UK.

'We will tell customers on our website which are the best-performing Fiat and Alfa Romeo dealers. It is up to the dealers themselves to make sure they have five stars.'