Fiat - Honda

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Will Nightingale
10 March 2008

Fiat - Honda

The 500 Lounge and Sport come with an auxiliary input socket as standard. As do the Grande Punto (Eleganza, Dynamic Sport and Sporting) and Bravo (Dynamic and Sport).

You have the option of an auxiliary input with most other model for 250. The option also includes Bluetooth phone connectivity.

All Fords apart from the Ka Studio come with an auxiliary input as standard. This allows you to plug in your iPod or MP3 player using a 3.5mm jack lead, and to use the cars stereo to listen to your music.

Unfortunately thats your lot there isnt any factory iPod integration available in any Fords at the moment, although the new Fiesta will feature full integration.

The Jazz, CR-V and FR-V come with an auxiliary input socket as standard. You can use this (along with a 3.5mm jack cable) to play songs on your iPod or other MP3 player through your Hondas stereo.

Spend an extra 225 on the Civic, CR-V, Accord or FR-V and youll get a iPod adapter. This allows you to plug in and charge your iPod using a lead in the glovebox. You can even use the buttons on the cars stereo to control your iPod.

You also get a USB port with the iPod adaptor. So, if you dont have an iPod you can still play your favourite MP3s from an USB memory stick.

There arent any factory-fit options on the S2000 or Legend at present.