Fiat Sedici two-wheel drive

* From 9999 * Near 3000 saving over 4x4 version * Fuel economy same as 4x4 version's, though...

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Jim Holder
18 August 2008

Fiat Sedici two-wheel drive

Fiat has launched a two-wheel-drive version of its Sedici 4x4 for less than 10,000.

It is limited to a single trim level, Dynamic, and one engine option, a 1.6-litre petrol. It costs from 9999, which is almost 3000 less than the equivalent 4x4 Sedici.

Standard equipment includes air-con and four airbags. The first 120 versions of the car sold in the UK will get extras including alloy wheels, black metallic paint and tinted rear windows.

Despite the potential weight-savings of running with two-wheel drive, the new car's economy figures are identical to the 4x4 version's.

It averages 39.8mpg and emits 173g/km of carbon dioxide.

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