Fifteen million cars low on oil

* Half of UKs cars are low on oil * 28% of drivers never check their oil * Monthly check is recommended...

Fifteen million cars low on oil

Fifteen million cars in the UK are low on oil, risking a potential repair bill that could run into thousands of pounds, according to a survey published ahead of National Oil Check Week (June 15-22).

The survey checked the oil level of 250 cars in three locations around the country, and revealed that 49% were either low or dangerously low on oil.

In addition, the research showed that half of all motorists fail to check their car's oil at the recommended once-monthly intervals, and that 28% never check the level at all.

15 million cars low on oil
With more than 31 millions cars on the UKs roads, that means around 15 million are low on oil.

According to Bill Collins, technical manager for Halfords Autocentre, It is surprising to see so many motorists still not carrying out the basic checks. Oil is vital to a cars health. Without enough of it, you effectively risk destroying your engine.

Running out of oil can not only cause serious engine damage, but could also potentially leave motorists stranded. On top of that, the average bill for repairing an engine damaged by a lack of oil is more than 1400, according to Warranty Direct.

As part of National Oil Check Month (June 15 July 12), Halfords is offering customers the chance to get their oil checked free of charge in over 400 superstores and receive 1 discounts on one-litre top-up packs of Mobil 1s new range of motor oils.