Find your perfect MINI: more features; more choice

What’s your dream model? The MINI Hatch or Convertible? Or the spacious and versatile MINI Countryman or Clubman? Here’s your guide...

MINI line-up

Some brands are simply synonymous with choice: taking a classic core idea and amplifying it by offering a wealth of new ways to enjoy it. Think Baskin Robbins ice cream and its original 31 flavours. Or the wealth of options available when buying your cup of ‘Morning Joe’ at a Starbucks or a Costa Coffee.

Well, you can now add MINI to that list. Taking the original icon and adding more style, more performance, more premium features, more versatility and more space for passengers and luggage, MINI has built a range of models that offers something for everyone. And now every model comes with one year free car insurance* to boot.

From the iconic three-door and five-door MINI Hatch and the MINI Convertible – cars that are just as fun to drive on the open road as they are to thread through the heart of the urban jungle – to the spacious, versatile and capable MINI Countryman and MINI Clubman, which let you take more people and more stuff on bigger adventures, there are now a wealth of ways to enjoy your MINI.

First, MINI’s line-up gives you more, when it comes to finding the perfect car for you. Each and every model in MINI’s range boasts a wealth of premium features as standard – ranging from keyless entry and heated seats to LED headlights with high-beam assist and Driving Assistant safety tech such as collision warning that can help keep you and your family safe.

Next, MINI also lets you pick from an impressive roster of efficient or punchy engines, stylish trims and simple-to-choose packs and accessories that let you add the final finishing personal touch. Finally, the MINI App lets you pre-plan journeys remotely, with real-time petrol prices to help you cut fuel costs on your mid-journey refuelling stops, before syncing directions straight from your smartphone to your MINI Clubman.

So, how do you find your dream MINI? Well, we’ve put together a simple model-by-model guide that breaks down the key features on each model. And there’s no better place to start than with the original icon…

Take a test drive in the latest MINI models

MINI Hatch front three quarters

MINI Hatch: the icon reimagined

With an extensive heritage that offers more pedigree, iconic style that always turns more heads, and race-inspired performance and go-kart handling that makes driving even more fun, the original MINI Hatch is the car that guarantees more smiles per mile on every journey. Now it’s adding even more for good measure.

Available as a three-door or a five-door (which delivers more room for passengers and 30% more luggage space), every MINI Hatch is packed with an impressive spec as standard – ranging from premium style, through clever infotainment tech that seamlessly integrates your smartphone into the heart of every trip, to an impressive roster of driving tech that makes journeys easier and safer from beginning to end. The MINI Hatch also offers a choice of Sport, Exclusive and Resolute Edition trims that offer even more features in an easy-to-pick way.

You can choose the standard MINI Hatch Cooper engine with its punchy but efficient 136hp and 220Nm of torque, or the MINI Hatch Cooper S with its peppy 178hp and 280Nm and a dash of sporty external design cues. Finally, you can go the full Monte and pick the three-door John Cooper Works MINI Hatch with its rally-inspired styling and a 2.0-litre MINI TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder which offers a thrilling 231hp and 320Nm of torque and delivers 0-62mph in an impressive 6.5 seconds.

Sometimes, though, it’s worth opening yourself up to even more possibilities. And that’s where the MINI Convertible comes in…

MINI Convertible side profile

MINI Convertible: broaden your horizons

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a drop-top? Available exclusively as a three-door, the MINI Convertible takes all of the iconic style and driving character of the MINI Hatch and opens up even more opportunities to enjoy more of your surroundings with its fully electric retractable soft-folding roof.

Like the MINI Hatch, the MINI Convertible packs in a lot of premium features as standard – ranging from the clever infotainment tech that seamlessly integrates your smartphone into the heart of every journey, to the driving tech that makes driving less stressful and safer. Like the MINI Hatch, the MINI Convertible also comes with a choice of Sport, Exclusive and Resolute Edition trims, giving you more features and more choice in a simple-to-choose way.

The MINI Convertible also offers the same range of engines as the MINI Hatch: ranging from the standard MINI Cooper engine with its perfectly balanced 136hp and 220Nm of torque, to the MINI Cooper S with its punchy 178hp and 280Nm. There’s also the performance-focused John Cooper Works MINI Convertible with its 2.0-litre MINI TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder – delivering a thrilling 231hp and 320Nm of torque and delivers 0-62mph in an impressive 6.1 seconds.

But perhaps you want to go the extra mile and thing bigger with your next MINI adventure. Meet the MINI Countryman...

MINI Countryman front three quarters

MINI Countryman: for bigger adventures

For families who want to take their adventures further, the MINI Countryman offers the perfect blend of more space, more style and more off-road ability to conquer even the biggest weekends away. Now, there’s even more tech to sweeten the deal.

With vast amounts of luggage space, plenty of room for five, heightened ground clearance and the option of MINI’s advanced ALL4 all-wheel-drive system, the MINI Countryman can take anyone, anywhere, at any time. Throw in advanced driving assist systems to keep passengers safe, all the latest infotainment technology and seamless smartphone integration, and adventures in the MINI Countryman soon become more glamping than camping.

The choice of four feature-packed trims – Classic, Sport, Exclusive and Untamed – makes choosing your perfect Countryman a breeze, while the option of a Plug-in Hybrid model combines the best of petrol power and electric efficiency for the ultimate wallet-friendly explorer.

Speaking of powertrains, the MINI Countryman offers the same Cooper 1.5-litre three cylinder and Cooper S 2.0-litre four-cylinder engines found in the MINI Hatch and MINI Convertible, but this time the John Cooper Works variant is dialled up to 11 with 306hp, 450Nm of torque and a scorching 0-62mph time of just 5.1 seconds.

However, perhaps you’re after more practicality and more style, without the added height of an SUV. If that’s the case, you should get to know the MINI Clubman…

MINI Clubman rear three quarters

MINI Clubman: open more doors

For those in the know, estate cars take the best of everything the motoring world has to offers and blends them all into one sumptuously stylish, perfectly practical and enigmatically engaging family car. And now, the MINI Clubman is adding a dash of added customisation, a sprinkling of more standard tech and a dollop of racing pedigree to create the estate car to end them all.

With six (yes, six) easy-access doors that make loading and unloading totally effortless, 350 litres of boot space and space for five, the MINI Clubman gets an A+ when it comes to the pragmatics. Mix that with four value-adding trims in the guise of Classic, Sport, Exclusive and Untold, a comprehensive suite of safety tech, seamless smartphone integration and plenty of premium style, and it has the competition licked there, too.

Finally, add the option of three great engines in the form of the peppy Cooper 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol, the sporty 2.0-litre Cooper S and the outright outrageous John Cooper Works with 306hp and 450Nm of torque, and you’ll spend the rest of your day searching for a more well-rounded car.

So, whether you’re looking for something small or something stylish, or a bigger and more capable model that lets you pack in even more people, even more luggage and even more adventure, it’s clear that the MINI line-up has something for you.

Take a test drive in the latest MINI models

*Terms and conditions, exclusions and further eligibility apply. Offer valid for new MINIs ordered from 1 April to 30 June 2023 and registered by 29 December 2023. Offer excludes MINI John Cooper Works and Electric models.

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