First image: Mitsubishi Prototype iMiEV

* European-spec electric car * Longer and wider than Japanese car * Coupe version also at Geneva motor show...

First image: Mitsubishi Prototype iMiEV

This is the Mitsubishi Prototype iMiEV, the European version of its electric city-car

The official sketch shows how the car, which will be unveiled at the Geneva motor show next month, will look.

The iMiEV concept car is wider and longer than the Japanese version to improve the cars handling.

Mitsubishi announced last month that 12 iMiEVs would be trialled in Europe by Government departments and utility companies.

The Mitsubishi iMIEV goes on sale in Japan this summer, and the company plans to sell the car in Europe next year. Some Japanese-spec cars may be sold or leased in the UK later this year.

A coupe version of the iMiEV will also be shown at the Geneva motor show.

Called the iMiEV Sport Air concept car, it claims to place a greater emphasis on driving pleasure than the standard car, and will use a more powerful version of the iMiEV's electric motor.

Energy is stored in lithium ion batteries, but solar panels in the roof and bumpers will provide extra electrical power to run the cars ancillary systems.

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