First the Fiat 500, now the Topolino?

* Fiat's retro revival may continue * Topolino city car rumoured to be next * Tipped to make production by 2010...

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Jim Holder
02 May 2008

First the Fiat 500, now the Topolino?

Following the successful revival of the 500, Fiat may now be considering reinterpreting the Topolino as a low-cost city car.

The Topolino, which is the Italian name for Mickey Mouse and translates as 'little mouse', would sit below the 500 in Fiat's range. It could make production in 2010.

It would be produced in two- and four-seat versions and be built in the Yogo-Zastava factory in Serbia, which Fiat took over last month.

Three versions of the original Topolino were made between 1936 and 1955.