Ford offers six-month payment holidays to new car buyers

New Ford finance deal offers deferred payments and a cashback incentive so buyers can take a payment holiday of up to six months on a new car during the coronavirus outbreak...

Ford Fiesta

Although all Ford showrooms are currently closed in line with national guidelines, it is possible to buy a car from Ford directly online and many dealerships are offering a remote sales service. 

And, to help buyers who are currently not earning as much money as usual, Ford has introduced a new finance product that enables people to order a new car now and not have to begin paying for it for up to six months.  

Available for cars and vans ordered in April and May and delivered by the end of the year, the Peace of Mind programme offers buyers the option of taking a cashback payment equal to three monthly instalments when they collect their new vehicle, or  of taking that amount as a discount on the purchase price. 

In addition, Ford Credit will defer the first three payments, so that no money needs to be paid until the fourth month of the deal. 

This two-part offer applies to vehicles bought on Ford’s personal contract purchase (PCP) scheme and through its hire purchase finance. With many Ford models, from the Ford Fiesta to the Ford Galaxy, offered with zero percent finance, buyers won’t be penalised financially for taking up the new deal, which is available with no deposit. 

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Cars are unlikely to be delivered until the current lockdown is eased, unless they are bought by key workers. Ford says its dealers will arrange a safe way of handing vehicles over to buyers in these instances. 

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