Frankfurt 2009: Mazda news

* Updated CX-7 * Now with diesel engine * MX-5 Superlight concept car...

Frankfurt 2009: Mazda news

Whats new?
A new-look CX-7 with a diesel engine and an MX-5 concept car

Updated CX-7
Mazda's new-look CX-7 SUV has finally got the diesel engine it has been craving.

When the revised car goes on sale in the UK towards the end of the year, it will be available only as a diesel the 256bhp 2.3-litre petrol turbo engine that's been in the car since launch is being dropped over here.

The diesel engine is Mazda's 182bhp 2.2-litre unit. It meets Euro emissions standards not due to come into force until 2011 and it also has a selective catalytic-reduction system an injection of a chemical into the exhaust gases that will strip emissions of air-polluting nitrous oxide by 40%.

However, it's not yet been decided if this will be fitted to UK-bound models, because it increases costs and CO2, and the Government gives no tax rebates to buyers who run a cleaner car.

The UK spec and pricing is also still being worked on, although it's unlikely the diesel will be any cheaper than the 24,000 of the current petrol model.
The car's new look echoes the family face of the latest Mazda 3 and 6, although the majority of body panels are unchanged. There have also been changes to the style and quality of the interior trim.

MX-5 Superlight concept car
Mazda is celebrating the MX-5 roadster's 20th birthday with this MX-5 Superlight concept car at the Frankfurt motor show.
Sadly, for the tens of thousands of MX-5 devotees around the world, they'll see it only on a show floor. Mazda admits it is a pure show car to capture 'the essence of MX-5'.

It has similar weight-saving to that which Mazda has been applying to its showroom cars to bring down fuel consumption and CO2 emissions it doesn't even have a windscreen.

It comes with sportier chassis settings than regular MX-5s, too.

Mazda on video

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