Fuel rip-off?

Fuel rip-off?

**Q: I'm worried my local petrol station is ripping off buyers. Last week, I filled up my car's 70-litre tank from nearly empty.

Usually I can fit about 68 litres in, but the pump went well past 75 litres before I stopped, realising something was wrong.

The garage offered to refund the difference, but it still doesn't seem right. Is there any legal protection to stop fuel buyers like me being ripped off?**

A: The Weights and Measures Act 1985 makes it illegal to give a quantity less than that stated when sold.

Trading Standards is responsible for ensuring that customers aren't given less than they've paid for, and that traders don't use inaccurate weighing or measuring equipment.

Inspectors visit petrol stations regularly to check metering equipment, and also make special test purchases to ensure customers aren't being cheated.

If you're concerned about the garage's gauges, you can write to Trading Standards at your local council and request an extra verification visit.