Genesis GV70 long-term test: report 4

Genesis hasn't been around for long, but it already has a What Car? Award winner in its line-up. So, can the new Genesis GV70 follow up on that success and convert buyers from mainstream rivals?...

Darren with Genesis GV70 3D glasses

The car Genesis GV70 2.5T + 8AT AWD Luxury | Run by Darren Moss, deputy digital editor

Why it’s here To show that Genesis can mix with premium rivals at the top end of the large SUV market

Needs to be Luxurious, comfortable, and able to function as a mobile office when needed

Mileage 4925 List price £46,470 Target Price £46,470 Price as tested £60,229 Test economy 27.3mpg Official economy 29.7mpg

1 February 2024 – Tech-fest

To tempt you away from established rivals such as the Audi Q5 and BMW X3, the Genesis GV70 can’t just ape them; it has to innovate. That means offering things that neither of those models has – one example being my car’s 3D-effect digital instruments.

The theory is that by highlighting certain information, you’ll be able to see it more easily. And unlike with a 3D movie, you don’t need to wear special glasses for it to work.

Genesis GV70 3D instrument cluster

Sadly, in practice, the system isn’t all that smart. In my first couple of times using it, the 3D effect kept toggling itself on and off, meaning my instruments looked like they were caught in a strange, glitching loop. And even when it does work, the information I’d like to be highlighted – my speed, for example – isn’t that much clearer.

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