Genesis GV70 long-term test: report 3

Genesis hasn't been around for long, but it already has a What Car? Award winner in its line-up. So, can the new Genesis GV70 follow up on that success and convert buyers from mainstream rivals?...

Genesis GV70 with cat

The car Genesis GV70 2.5T + 8AT AWD Luxury | Run by Darren Moss, deputy digital editor

Why it’s here To show that Genesis can mix with premium rivals at the top end of the large SUV market

Needs to be Luxurious, comfortable, and able to function as a mobile office when needed

Mileage 4925 List price £46,470 Target Price £46,470 Price as tested £60,229 Test economy 27.3mpg Official economy 29.7mpg

14 January 2024 – Cat and caboodle

According to the Cats Protection animal welfare society, around one-in-four UK households reported owning a cat as of 2021 – and since February last year, I’ve included myself in that statistic. However, while my cat, Halo, does very well at the business of being a cat, she isn’t renowned as a long-distance travel companion.

This presented a dilemma, because with me due to drive back to my hometown for the holidays, I wasn’t about to leave my feline friend behind. Thus, Halo would be coming with me – and that meant a ride in the big grey car-shaped thing outside my flat.

With her carrying case liberally scattered with treats and secured on the rear bench using a seat belt, Halo was ready for her trip in my Genesis GV70

Setting off for the 90-odd mile trip back to my hometown in Northamptonshire, I drove with the increased care and smoothness that I imagine parents adopt when bringing a new baby home from the hospital. And, like parents with a new baby, I hoped that my journey wouldn’t end with a cleaning cloth and a spray designed to remove the smell of vomit from carpets.

Driving through town towards the motorway, I began to wonder whether the optional 21in wheels fitted to my car were really necessary, because while they undoubtedly give my car a beefier look, they also let me feel more ruts and bumps than I would on smaller wheels. And with each thud sent back through the car, I nervously awaited the sound of digestion happening in reverse on the rear bench. 

Genesis GV70 with friends

Fortunately, when we reached the motorway everything settled, and Halo gave the GV70 the biggest compliment she could – quickly falling asleep and napping all the way to our destination. 

A few days later, it was time to load up the GV70 once again, but this time with human companions, since I’ve become the designated driver for my Dungeons and Dragons party. My friends have become used to being ferried around in all manner of transport – I’ve made them happy by turning up in a luxurious Range Rover, and annoyed them by arriving in a Mazda MX-5 with no rear seats. Thus they’ve become well versed at telling me what they think of my latest company car.

In the GV70, they reported that they were impressed with the materials used inside, from the plush leather of the seats to the thick carpet in the footwells – it all gives the impression of luxury. 

Genesis GV70 with full boot

What they weren’t so impressed by was the rear space on offer, because there’s less leg and shoulder room than you might expect from a premium SUV – the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Volvo XC60 are both better in this regard. There’s also a large tunnel for a third rear passenger to straddle, meaning trips with five people on board are limited to being quite short.

What both of my journeys had in common was a need to fill the GV70’s boot – first with all the clutter which accompanies a cat on holiday, and the second with the bags, books and snacks which come with an adventuring party. In both cases the GV70 swallowed everything I threw at it, and I appreciated that there was no loading lip at the boot edge to heave my items over.

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