Graco Junior Maxi

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Graco Junior Maxi

Graco Junior Maxi
RRP: 44.99
Groups: 2/3 (from 15 to 36kg)

The first of four relatively simple seats that cater for groups 2/3. Until your child reaches the group 3 booster stage, the Junior maxi provides extra back support and head protection with a removable section. Two cupholders are provided as well as armrests with two height positions.

Ease of operation
Seatbelt routing isn't much of an issue with any of these group 2/3 seats. Simply tuck the belt into a route guide by the head section, underneath any armrest and then across your child to the buckle.

The seatbelt guide is particularly easy to access on the Junior Maxi although we found the height adjustment of the head section more awkward than any other seat tested.

Seats can, thankfully, be a lot more affordable from group 2 upwards. The Graco is the cheapest of our tested models and is available for substantially less through online retailers.

The Graco doesn't feel like the best-quality chair on the market. Materials and plastics are okay, but next to other seats it feels a bit below par.