Griffin Window Seat

* Got a smartphone * get yourself an in-car phone mount * We test them here...

Griffin Window Seat

Griffin Window Seat
Price: 19.99 without microphone, 29.99 with

The cradle's easy to set up and allows you to nudge your phone securely into place.

Fitting isn't so good, because the suction cup has a fiddly ratchet.

You can either connect the cradle directly to the suction cup or, if your windscreen is a long way away, with an extending arm.

Pay an extra 10 and you can also get a plug-in microphone, which helps you get heard on the other end of the line if you don't have Bluetooth. It doesn't amplify the phone's loudspeaker, however.

The cradle feels good quality, but the suction cup and arm extension feel like they're constructed from cheap plastic. There are also sharp edges on the ratchet.

What Car? says
The cradle can accommodate a wide variety of phones, but there's too much bob and sway if you use the extension arm. The arm often sags, too, and you have to reset the position and retighten the connection.

It functions pretty well when connected directly to the suction cup, but it can be hard to use the ratchet.