Have you been stung by 'showroom' tax?

* Are you buying a big car? * Do you know about showroom tax? * _Sunday Times_ requires case study...

Have you been stung by 'showroom' tax?

Have you bought a higher-emitting 10-plate car and escaped the showroom tax that's coming in on April 1?

Or are you in the process of buying a big car and expect to pay this one-off hike in VED?

The Sunday Times would like to speak to you for a case study.

Contact Alexandra Goss, Sunday Times Money section, 020 7782 5636/ [alexandra.goss@sunday-times.co.uk](mailto:alexandra.goss@sunday-times.co.uk?subject=What Car? Car Buyer) to find out more.

What is the showroom tax?
Cars bought on or after April 1 will have to pay a one-off so-called 'showroom tax'.

This VED (road tax) rate applies only to the first year of ownership. In the second year VED road tax rates will revert to the regular rate for that vehicle.

First-year VED rates in 2010-11
Band A (up to 100g/km CO2) no fee
Band B (101-110g/km CO2) no fee
Band C (111-120g/km CO2) no fee
Band D (121-130g/km CO2) no fee
Band E (131-140g/km CO2) 110
Band F (141- 150g/km CO2) 125
Band G (151 to 165g/km CO2) 155
Band H (166 to 175g/km CO2) 250
Band I (176 to 185g/km CO2) 300
Band J (186 to 200g/km CO2) 425
Band K (201 to 225g/km CO2) 550
Band L (226 to 255g/km CO2) 750
Band M (Over 255g/km CO2) 950