Honda reveals green future

* All-electric car by 2012 * More versatile plug-in hybrids * New smaller diesel engine for Europe...

Honda reveals green future

Honda has revealed that it will launch a new plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicle by 2012, while also continuing to develop greener, conventionally powered vehicles.

Plug-in hybrid and all-electric car
The company's chief executive, Takanobu Ito revealed that Honda was planning to launch both a plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicle in Japan and the United States in 2012. There was no mention of plans for a European version.

The new plug-in hybrid system is currently under development and is expected to be available on cars that are larger than current hybrids.

Smaller diesel engine for Europe
Plans for a smaller diesel engine were also released. The new engine will go on sale in Europe in 2012, alongside the current 2.2-litre unit.

Petrol engines
Honda will also continue to develop its current range of petrol engines, but said that it will begin to renew its entire petrol engine and transmission line-up from 2012 in an attempt to further improve fuel economy.

Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles
While Honda has switched its main 'green' focus to plug-in hybrids and an all-electric model, it still believes fuel-cell vehicles will provide the 'ultimate' answer to mobility of the future. Mr Ito confirmed that the company will continue to work on developing the hydrogen-powered FCX Clarity.