Honda's hello and goodbye

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03 March 2009
Honda's hello and goodbye

Honda is bidding a cheery hello to the Insight hybrid, wishing a fond farewell to the S2000 roadster, and pepping up its Honda Accord Type S here at the Geneva motor show.

Hello, Honda Insight
The Insight is just over a month away from going on sale, and you can read a full review of the car at Honda Insight.

Goodbye, S2000
Honda will cease production of the S2000 later this year, choosing to channel its energies into producing green cars.

However, while many cars going out of production are sent off without a second thought, many enthusiasts will bemoan the loss of the revvy S2000.

Helping them to get over their loss is the Edition 100 S2000, which has white paintwork, dark alloy wheels, black badging, a red leather interior, and numbered kick-plates.

The car's trademark high-revving 2.0-litre, 237bhp engine remains unchanged.

Prices will start from 29,086 around 1000 more than the standard car.

Welcome, faster Honda Accord Type S
The hot Honda Accord Type S is powered by a 180bhp 2.2-litre diesel engine, with turbo, cylinder head and intercooler upgrades providing 30bhp more than the standard unit.

It also has 280lb ft of pulling power, up from 221lb ft on the standard engine.

Other modifications include 18-inch alloy wheels, clear indicator glass and a choice of two colour schemes: white or red.

It will be available as a saloon or estate.

Prices will be announced ahead of the car's on-sale date this summer.

Honda at the Geneva motor show video
See what Honda brought to their stand at the Geneva show