Hyundai i10 spec change

Hyundai i10 arrives but without cruise control...

Hyundai i10 spec change

I’ve just purchased a new Hyundai i10 1.2 SE automatic, which was registered three days before I bought it. However, the brochure states that the car should come with cruise control as standard but my car doesn’t have it.

On a test drive I didn’t check for cruise control; I just assumed it would be there as with other features of the model.

It appears that Hyundai has changed the specification and now the automatic i10 doesn’t get cruise control. Can I reject the car?

What Car? says

No, you won’t be able to reject the car. Hyundai fitted cruise control only to models with the manual gearbox after April 2014.

Always check that the car you are buying matches the specification you expect before finalising the purchase.