Hyundai i10 stock shortage problem

* Sanjib Brahma is tempted by a PCP offer on an automatic Hyundai i10 * His dealer doesn't have any stock because of the imminent arrival of the new model * Hyundai tracks down an automatic...

Hyundai i10 stock shortage problem

Low monthly payments of just £117 on a PCP finance offer for a Hyundai i10 with an automatic gearbox grabbed the attention of Sanjib Brahma when he was browsing through a recent copy of What Car?.

It sounded like the perfect car for his wife. Even better was the attractive 13.8% Target Price discount, plus 5.9% APR interest rate. He hotfooted it down to his local Hyundai dealer in North London.

Unfortunately, his dealer was fresh out of current i10 stock, and because the new i10 would be arriving soon he couldn’t order any more of the outgoing model.

Sanjib called What Car?. Did we know of any dealers still selling the soon-to-be-obsolete car? We put our Target Price team on the case, and it came up trumps with a deal from The online broker managed to secure an extra £600 discount on the car from a dealer in Birmingham – the car could be Sanjib’s for just £7185.

There was just one problem: the car had a manual gearbox. Sanjib hadn’t counted on the fact the car was already built and therefore the optional automatic version – an essential requirement – couldn’t be specced.

Further digging uncovered just one remaining automatic i10 in the network, and the dealer on whose forecourt it sat wasn’t willing to sell at a discount – demand was just too great.

Unperturbed, Helpdesk got on to Hyundai UK, and our timing couldn’t have been better. It had just received its final batch of the cars from India. A handful of automatics were available and there was one with Sanjib’s name on it. Hyundai UK arranged for Hyundai Watford to sell Sanjib the i10 on the terms that had initially tempted him

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