Hyundai i10 vibration problem

* Hyundai i10 vibrates horribly between 60mph and 70mph * Very bad fuel consumption * Vibration fault diagnosed and fixed under warranty...

Hyundai i10 vibration problem

Linda Schroeder got a great deal on a two-month-old ex-demo Hyundai i10 1.2 automatic with just 25 miles on the clock. However, she soon began to suspect it wasn’t quite the value-for-money investment she’d bargained on.

She seemed to be spending more time than she was used to at the petrol pump – and an awful lot more cash. More worrying was a vibration that became unbearable between 60 and 70mph.

Linda calculated the little automatic had guzzled almost three times the amount of fuel its claimed consumption figure suggested it should, and feared something was seriously wrong.

When she contacted Helpdesk, she was ready to hand back the keys. We advised her to let her dealer, Hyundai North London, examine the car. However, it couldn’t replicate the vibration and advised Linda to make further fuel logs before the consumption issue would be looked at.

Feeling dismissed and angry because she’d had to cancel a flight to Germany to visit the dealership, Linda was adamant rejection was the only option. We got on the phone to Hyundai. The company was sympathetic and asked a different dealer, Allen Briggs Hyundai in Chingford, to investigate. The manufacturer also paid for a hire car until Linda’s i10 was sorted.

Allen Briggs’ service manager felt the vibration immediately and a new driveshaft and dampers were fitted.

Meanwhile, road tests showed the i10 was operating normally, and no fuel leaks were found. Hyundai will re-examine the car if consumption doesn’t improve, and has offered to refund Linda the cost of her cancelled flight.

What if this happens to you?

  • Keep detailed fuel logs at every fill-up, noting mileages, speeds, and journey times. Use the same pump each time if you can, and keep all the receipts.
  • If you have difficulty convincing your dealer to take your concerns seriously, get a second opinion.

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