Hyundai i40 sporty or comfy

* Hyundai could offer two suspension options * Choose between sporty and comfort * Comfort likely to lead the way, though...

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What Car? Staff
06 April 2011

Hyundai i40  sporty or comfy

Hyundai's i40 could come with a choice of suspension set-ups with a bias for either comfort or sport.

Allan Rushforth, chief operating officer and senior vice-president of Hyundai Motor Europe, revealed the plan is under discussion after company executives, dealers and journalists tested cars in both guises.

What Car? was among members of the press to test the cars on UK roads, and you can read our conclusions here.

One set-up from launch
Mr Rushforth also said: 'The critical thing is not to confuse the customer, and thats why each market will select only one set-up from launch.

'However, further down the line we may give customers the choice of both.'

Hyundai UK executives choose their preferred set-up within the next week.

Insiders suggest it will be the comfort-orientated car, because the UKs broken roads would compromise the sporty set-up's ride.