I dont like my Jags faults

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09 March 2012

I dont like my Jags faults

Q) I dont like my Jags faults
Can they be fixed?I own a Jaguar XF 2.2D SE and find the eight-speed automatic gearbox shudders at low speed, the ride is harsh, the steering is heavy and there are disconcerting rattles. It looks good and corners well, but when I compare it with a Skoda Superb Estate DSG, for example, I feel Ive made a grave mistake.
Lance Davidson

A) Were sorry to hear youre not having a great experience with your XF. Your dealer should be able to help with some of your problems, such as the rattles. We mention in our reviews that the ride is on the firm side at low speeds, particularly if you add the optional adaptive suspension. The ride is also affected by larger wheels.

Often a new car can take a while to settle in, and manufacturers recommend that you dont exceed a certain number of engine revs for the first 1000 miles or so. In Jaguars case, there is no official line on this.