'I helped myself - so can you'

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David Motton
9 Apr 2008 10:15 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Last year, Adrian Pearce persuaded Lexus to replace his faulty car with a new one of a higher specification and at a discounted rate.

The What Car? Helpdesk played a part, but Adrian laid much of the groundwork, firstly by keeping on good terms with the dealer.

'It's important to get 'friends' on your side,' says Adrian. 'The dealer is only the middleman. He didn't make the car.'

Adrian also advises: 'When you have a complaint, you get a better response from people if they are aware you have copied in their boss.'

Going public can help, but don't do it too quickly: 'Everyone hates bad press, but use it wisely, as it often offends.'