Infiniti launches pre-order website

* Get to the head of the queues * 10,000 customers show interest * Four models available for April 2009 launch...

Infiniti has opened up a reservation list so that motorists can pre-order their cars ahead of the company's UK launch next April.

Customers who want to make sure they are first in the queue when the four-strong model line-up is launched can visit or click here.

After they have entered their personal details, they are given a reservation number. This is passed to their nearest Infiniti dealer, who will then contact them.

The reservation list is open until September 30, and Infiniti says 10,000 customers have already shown an interest in buying a car.

At launch, the Infiniti range will comprise two 4x4s (the EX37 coupe and FX), and the G37 coupe and saloon models.