Is this Porsche too good to be true?

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Is this Porsche too good to be true?
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What Car? Staff
8 Nov 2011 11:25

Q Is this used Porsche too good to be true?
I've seen a Porsche advertised at a good price. The seller says the car is not damaged but is listed as a Cat D due to the previous owner being held at gunpoint. The car was impounded by the police and never returned to the original owner. Is this a good buy?
**Tim Morris, via e-mail

Porsche values are very sensitive to provenance, and a murky history can make values plummet. You may pay less for this car, but you can be sure it'll be hard to sell on.

Before you buy any Category C or D car, we recommend you get it independently inspected. This may cost several hundred pounds, but it will give you peace of mind by confirming the car's true condition.

An inspection will find accident damage, mechanical problems or electrical faults, so you can decide whether to buy or walk away. When you come to sell the car, a report will be invaluable to the new buyer, too.

Also remember that it's your responsibility to tell your insurance company if your car is a Cat D even if it doesn't ask. Not all companies will insure Cat C and D cars.**