Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

**Week ending: January 10
Mileage: 13,937
Miles driven this week: 128

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It's been a little while since the last PHEV update. That's a good thing really, as we normally have lots to say when things break and go wrong. So no news, it seems, is good news.

A dissolved gasket on my daily driver forced me to nab the keys to the PHEV over the Christmas break, and in short, it's coped admirably. It has swallowed a Christmas tree whole, twice; and transported four adults in comfort and without fuss.

In spite of its size and load-lugging capability, savvy use of the powertrain and a light foot can return some impressive fuel economy.

The niggles have been minor ones. I've struggled to get comfortable in the drivers seat. I'm considerably shorter than Nigel, the PHEVs long-term guardian, and the pedal to seat base relationship never feels quite right. It's not a fault as such, just something to be aware of. Also, I'm completely baffled by the electronic tailgate, so I've just left it alone.

I will miss the utilitarian, efficient feel of the PHEV, so here's hoping my car goes pop again soon.

By Tom Langan