Kids named Porsche, Audi and Lexus

* Family goes car-mad * Mum denies they like cars, though * Twins Porsche and Audi join eldest, Lexus...

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Jim Holder
07 January 2008

Kids named Porsche, Audi and Lexus

A pair of twins in America have been named Porsche and Audi - and they join their elder sister Lexus in the car-themed family.

However, despite their choice of names, the trio's parents, Craig and Sondra Harrington of Kilgore, Texas, deny that they are car enthusiasts.

'It's not that we like cars,' Sondra Harrington said. 'Their dad's not a mechanic or anything like that.'

Sondra claims that her husband had always wanted to name his first daughter Porsche, but she vetoed it after saying that it didn't work with her chosen middle name, Marie, for their firstborn.

'When I said no to Porsche, he looked up and saw a Lexus going by,' she said.

However, when they discovered they were having twins, Sondra was persuaded by her husband to keep the car theme going.