Land Rover Freelander bargains

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Land Rover Freelander bargains

Im looking to buy a new Freelander, and have been considering the diesel SE or HSE. However, my wife seems to think there will be a new model next year. Do you have any news on this? I may be prepared to wait (or look for a real bargain on the current model) if so.
Michael Booth

All diesel Freelanders with a manual gearbox will be fitted with stop-start technology from next April. That means official fuel economy will improve 8% to an average of 42.2mpg. CO2 emissions will nosedive to 179g/km.

We reckon its worth the wait, especially if you do a lot of town driving.

However, if its an automatic youre after dont bother, because stop-start wont be an option on these cars.

Alternatively, if you want to buy now then there are plenty of cracking deals around. will sell you a new 2.2 TD4 SE for 22,632 nearly 5700 less than the list price - or an HSE for 25,485, saving over 6k.