Lightweight Ford GT supercar revealed

Ford reveals a surprise GT supercar at the Detroit motor show...

Lightweight Ford GT supercar revealed

Ford has shocked the Detroit motor show by introducing a new version of the Ford GT supercar.

What is it?
The new GT model is a supercar that will go on sale in 2016, and is expected to be sold in global markets including Europe.

It is one of 12 new vehicles which will be launched under the Ford Performance banner by 2020.

The car's predominantly carbonfibre body is expected to result in a light kerbweight. Ford is targeting one of the best power-to-weight ratios "of any production car".

The Ford GT will be built by Multimatic Motorsports in Canada. The firm has worked with Ford on its racing activities for more than 30 years.

What engine does it come with?

Power comes from a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 Ecoboost engine developing in excess of 592bhp, making it the most powerful Ecoboost engine yet. It will be paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

What equipment does it come with?

The two-seat interior is accessed through upward-swinging doors, and is designed to be 'purposeful'. It features the latest version of Ford's infotainment system, dubbed Sync3.

How much will it cost?

Ford officials have said the new GT will cost more than the old model, which had a minimum suggested retail price of around $140,000 in the US.

Availability will also be extremely limited, with just hundreds of units, rather than thousands, expected to be made.

Anything else I need to know?

Interestingly, fewer than 50 people saw the new GT before it was driven onto the Detroit stage. That was important, Ford says, both to stop news of the car getting out before its launch, and for finishing the project on time.

When the new GT comes to market in 2016, it will be part as part of Ford's celebrations for the 50th anniversary of its first Le Mans 24 Hours win, in 1966.