Making the deal

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Making the deal

Making the deal
So you've done your research, you know how much you have to spend and have struck up a rapport with the salesman. The test drive goes well, and you're ready to buy. How do you know if the deal is right?

Buyers should focus on the 'cost to change' the difference between the lowest price they can get on the new car and the best price they can get for their old one. Used car guru James Ruppert has a nice twist for this tactic.

'Instead of thinking of the "cost to change", try to separate the two deals. Haggle as best as you can on the car you're buying and, once that's finished, introduce your part-ex at the last minute (provided the salesman hasn't already asked you) and say "what about this?".'

'This puts the salesman on the back foot, and gives you a second car to get a great deal on.'

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