Maybach Landaulet: a snip at 680,000

* Luxury car maker reveals convertible's price * Middle East buyers already lined up * Powered by 607bhp V8...

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Jim Holder
25 February 2008

Maybach Landaulet: a snip at 680,000

Maybach is selling its Landaulet convertible for a whopping 680,000.

The luxury car manufacturer confirmed at this year's Detroit motor show that it would be putting the car into production following sales enquiries from the Middle East, but declined to put a price on it until now.

So what do you get for your money? Based on the Maybach 62 S and 57 S, the Landaulet is powered by a 607bhp twin-turbocharged V8.

The car is painted white, with white upholstery, white wheels and with the Maybach name embroidered on the white rear section of the collapsible roof in white.

Why so much white? A company statement says: 'The Maybach Landaulet Study does not wish to achieve its effect with superficial stylistic features, but rather the distinguished air of a first-class butler.'

However, the roof on the front section of the car does not fold down, ensuring the occupants remain separated from the driver at all times unless they wish to talk to him or her via the in-built intercom system.