Mazda selling bespoke GT4 race car

* Mazda now selling GT4 race car to customers * 320bhp and fully homologated for various race series * Costs a cool 125,000...

Mazda selling bespoke GT4 race car

Mazda is now selling a version of its MX-5-based GT4 racing car to customers, following the company's success in the British GT Championship.

The car is designed entirely for track use it's not road legal and comes fully homologated to take part in various GT race series around the world. The GT4 is built on Mazda's behalf by British motorsport firm Jota Sport, who use only the metal shell and the engine of the original car in its construction. All other parts are developed and made specifically for the GT4.

The 2.0-litre engine also gets a massive overhaul. It's sent to engine specialist Mountune to be race-prepared, and with the aid of a turbocharger among many other upgrades, power is hiked to 320bhp. There's 258lb ft of torque available, and it's all transmitted to the track surface by a six-speed sequential paddleshift gearbox. These numbers may not sound all that sensational, but they're plenty when you consider that the GT4 weighs just 1000kg.

Mazda hasn't released performance figures for the GT4, but we've driven it and it delivers serious race pace we reckon it'll blast from 0-62mph in about three seconds. It feels every ounce the genuine racing car, too, with incredible grip and traction, virtually zero body lean and massively strong brakes.

Before you get too excited, bear in mind that the GT4 costs a cool 125,000, and that doesn't even include VAT. What's more, buyers will have to pay many thousands on top to run it at motorsport events, and replacing all those bespoke parts will cost a fortune, too.

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Ivan Aistrop