Mercedes' new diesel motor

* New 2.2-litre diesels for C-Class * Offer more power and torque * Also emit less carbon dioxide...

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Jim Holder
11 April 2008

Mercedes' new diesel motor

Mercedes will introduce an all-new four-cylinder diesel engine to its C-Class line-up this year, which offers more power but lower emissions.

Three versions of 2.2-litre unit are planned, which are more powerful, have more pulling power, and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

The highest performer is a 201bhp unit with 369lb ft of torque. This engine will initially be fitted in the C-Class this October, badged as the C250 CDI, and will return an average of 52.3mpg.

It will also be retuned to offer 168bhp and 136bhp, and these will also be first fitted to the C-Class before appearing in other Mercedes. The models will be designated C220 CDI and C200 CDI.

The engines will appear in other Mercedes models when supply levels increase - the E-Class is the next likely recipient.

There's no word on prices for the new models yet.