Mercedes unveils invisible car

* Video of invisible car * to promote F-Cell hydrogen tech * Highlights 'invisible' impact on environment...

Mercedes unveils invisible car

Mercedes-Benz has revealed its invisible F-Cell hydrogen-powered car to promote its 'invisible' impact on the environment.

The promotional video shows a Mercedes B-Class that merges into the background as it drives by.

Created by covering one side of the car in a mat of LED screens and mounting a camera on the adjacent side, the image of the roadside is then shown on the screens making the car seem 'invisible'.

Mercedes' B-Class F-Cell uses a 134bhp electric motor, and has a range of about 250 miles (402 km).

The company has not set a date for full production of its F-Cell technology.

See the 'invisible' Mercedes
Here's the video of the F-Cell car.

Pete Barden