Mercedes unveils new A- and B-Class

* Restyle for both models * New stop-start technology * Lower emissions and better fuel economy...

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Will Nightingale
04 April 2008

Mercedes unveils new A- and B-Class

Mercedes has just lifted the covers off its restyled A- and B-Class at the Auto Mobil International motor show in Leipzig, Germany.

What's changed? Well, not much as far as looks are concerned. Both cars get a set of restyled headlights, a new front bumper and a modified radiator grille - but that's about it.

The big news, however, is lower emissions and more miles to the gallon. The A150, A170, B150 and B170 will have stop-start technology as standard from September (if you go for a manual gearbox). That means fuel consumption is cut by around 8%.

Inside, you get a few new choices of interior trim and a bigger storage space between the front seats.

Hill-start assist, Bluetooth connectivity and interior lights that come on if you have an accident now also come as standard.

Both cars go on sale in July, with A-Class prices remaining unchanged. The B-Class will cost around 150 more, but you'll get a little more for your money, such as a panoramic glass roof.

A super-green version of the A160 CDI looks likely to follow. The 62mpg 2.0-litre diesel, badged 'BlueEfficiency', has already been confirmed for the rest of Europe.

Its carbon dioxide output of 119g/km would make it ideal for London drivers wanting to avoid the Congestion Charge and pay just 35 a year in car tax.

Gone from the range are the A200 petrol and A200 CDI. The B200 Turbo has been dropped on the restyled car, too.