More Insignia photos

* Front end highlighted * Adaptive headlight details * Car will be launched in July...

13 March 2008
More Insignia photos

Vauxhall has released further teaser images of the Insignia, which is being launched at the British International Motor Show on July 22.

The pictures show a darkened front end of the car and a detailed photo of a headlamp, which will adjust its beam according to conditions.

The technology on the headlamp is an extension of Vauxhall's current AFL system, which moves the light beams as a car corners to give better visibility.

The new system includes features such as a special daytime function, which consumes less energy and therefore fuel, and a variety of beam patterns to provide the best visibility in different situations, such as town and country driving.

The Insignia is replacing the Vectra in Vauxhall's line-up as the company attempts to push its image upmarket, and is scheduled to go on sale later this year. Prices are expected to start at 15,000.