New Audi SQ2 vs Cupra Ateca

The Cupra Ateca is so good that it won our 2019 Sports SUV of the Year Award. Now Audi has used the exact same mechanicals to produce the SQ2...

Audi SQ2 interior

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

Entry-level sports SUVs they may be, but these two are hardly bargains in a wider context. It’s therefore not unreasonable to expect a premium interior.

However, that isn’t how we’d describe the Ateca’s. Yes, there’s plenty of soft-touch plastic and a smattering of fake carbonfibre trim, but if it weren’t for the copper-coloured Cupra emblem on the steering wheel, you could be driving a regular Seat Ateca.

Cupra Ateca interior

On the upside, that also means the driving position is excellent, the standard digital instrument dials are clear, the dashboard is user-friendly and visibility is reasonably good in all directions. The SQ2 also gets its layout more or less spot on while treating you to nicer materials, better-damped switches and flashes of colour that let you know it’s no ordinary Q2.

That said, it isn’t perfect. You’ll still find some scratchy plastic on the doors, and while the SQ2’s optional leather seats look fancier, the Ateca’s heavily bolstered pair hold you in place better through corners while still proving comfy on longer jaunts, thanks to standard adjustable lumbar support (£250 on the SQ2).