New exam for pre-learner drivers on way

* Government meets experts in Glasgow * Aim is to change driving attitudes in UK * Pre-driver qualification could be on way...

23 June 2008

New exam for pre-learner drivers on way

Young drivers may soon have to take a new qualification before they can even get behind the wheel.

It's the latest part of the Government's national 'Learning to Drive' consultation, which is being handled by the Government's Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

Today, the DSA met with police officers, road safety experts and educationalists at the Scottish Qualifications Authority's (SQA) headquarters in Glasgow.

The DSA brought in the SQA because of its expertise in implementing educational material for young people aged between 14-16, and now a driver pre-qualification is almost a reality.

The Government it hoping the first elements will be launched in Scotland by the end of this year, and then in schools, colleges and youth training and apprenticeship colleges in the rest of the country.

From the 'Learning to Drive' consultation, the DSA is hoping to put forward new guidelines to reform the UK driving test.

A micro-website has been launched as part of the consultation, where the public can leave their views on the plans. To register, go to or click here