New, improved Mercedes CL coupe unveiled

* More powerful, and faster * More efficient than before, too * At least 90,000...

02 July 2010
New, improved Mercedes CL coupe unveiled

Mercedes-Benz unveiled this updated and improved version of the CL coupe at its flagship showroom at Brooklands, Surrey, this evening.

The world unveiling for the car comes just three years after the S-Class-based four-seater was introduced.

There are some minor styling changes the lights, bonnet and bumper are all redesigned, while the LED running lights are new. The interior of the CL is also given an overhaul with even more upmarket materials, new, easier-to-use controls and mood lighting in amber, white or blue, but the most interesting developments are under the bonnet.

Under the bonnet
The new 4.6-litre V8 might be more than a litre smaller than the previous V8, but with 429bhp it's 47bhp more powerful. The new CL500 is, consequently, quicker with the 0-62mph time cut by half a second to 4.9 seconds. Top speed is capped at 155mph.

Despite that, the car is also markedly more efficient and is now badged as a BlueEfficiency model. Average fuel economy improves by 6.7mpg to 29.7mpg and CO2 emissions drop by 64g/km to 224g/km. The car's still in the maximum 35% company car tax band as a result, but the reduction does mean slightly cheaper, band K, road tax.

Road tax will cost 550 a year (with an additional 245 in the first year), compared with 750 and 950 for band L and M (and 425 and 435 in the first year). The savings are unlikely to be important for potential buyers, who will need to part with around 90,000 for the car.

For an estimated 110,000 you can also order a CL600 with 510bhp and a 0-62mph time of 4.6 seconds. Fuel consumption is 20.5mpg on average, while emissions are 322g/km. If that's not enough, a 150,000+ CL 65AMG with more than 600bhp could, once again, join the range in time.