New Lambo: a limited-run Murcielago?

* New picture * Rumoured to be called Super Veloce * 680bhp, lightweight and 300,000...

New Lambo: a limited-run Murcielago?

This is Lamborghini's second teaser picture of the new car it will unveil at the Paris motor show.

As with the first picture, the company has released no details about what type of car it will be.

However, Italian websites are reporting it will be a limited edition coupe based on the Murcielago.

The reports say the car will be called the Murcielago LP640 Super Veloce, have between 30-40bhp more than the standard version's 640bhp and be rear-wheel-drive instead of four-wheel-drive, offering substantial weight savings.

The reports suggest it will cost around 300,000 about a third more than the standard car and only 100 cars will be made.

Lamborghini previously built the million Euro (about 785,000) Reventon, which was also based on the Murcielago and limited to 20 cars.