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New Lexus NX vs used BMW X5 costs

We rate both of these SUVs highly – especially as plug-in hybrids. But should you buy a brand new NX 450h+ or a used example of the bigger X5 xDrive45e for the same money?...

Lexus NX alloy wheel detail

Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety and security

A Lexus NX 450h+ Premium Pack (with the box for the Lexus Link Pro Pack ticked) will cost you £54,387 if you buy at our Target Price discount – something that's easy to secure if you use our free New Car Buying service. Meanwhile, a BMW X5 xDrive45e M Sport from 2020 will set you back around £52,000 – down from £66,665 when it was new. The condition should be good and the mileage around 30,000. 

On PCP finance, the NX will cost you £647 per month as part of a 48-month contract, with a £8243 deposit and a £22,880 optional final payment. For a 48-month contract on the X5, we were quoted £718 per month. The deposit was the same, but the optional final payment was a bit less, at £20,207. Your annual mileage limit on either car would be 10,000 miles.

BMW X5 LED lights

A full service is likely to cost you more with the NX (£580 through Lexus, versus the £507 we were quoted by BMW for the X5), although the NX does sit one insurance group lower. 


The NX is well equipped, getting features like adaptive cruise control, a 360-degree camera and keyless entry as standard, whereas you best hope the X5's original owner spent some extra cash and opted for those things. That said, you'll have to pay extra for metallic paint with the NX, while the X5 got it as standard from new. 

When its battery is depleted, we saw a 25mpg average in the X5. The NX, on the other hand, averaged a hugely impressive 38.6mpg. 

Lexus NX headlight detail

With its higher peak charging rate of 6.6kW, the NX can manage a 0-100% charge in an impressive 2hrs 30min. The X5 can't charge as fast – its peak is 3.7kW. As a result, it takes 6hrs 48min to complete a 0-100% charge. 

The NX and X5 were both absent from our 2022 What Car? Reliability Survey. As brands, though, Lexus took first place out of 32 manufacturers featured, while BMW finished in 16th. And while the X5's warranty will have expired, the NX's can last for up to 10 years if you get the car serviced at a Lexus dealer each year.


New rivals, used rivals

New Volvo XC60 front cornering

You'll want to consider the NX alongside new car rivals such as the Volvo XC60. The XC60 has a longer electric range and a more luxurious interior, although it doesn't handle quite as well, feeling rather sloppy in the bends. 

For similar money to our used X5, you could buy a Porsche Cayenne of the same vintage. Its plug-in hybrid variant, badged E-Hybrid, won't be able to go as far on electric power alone as the X5 (or NX) – it only travelled a little more than 17 miles in our tests – but it earns some points back due to its stronger performance. 

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