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New Lexus NX vs used BMW X5 interiors

We rate both of these SUVs highly – especially as plug-in hybrids. But should you buy a brand new NX 450h+ or a used example of the bigger X5 xDrive45e for the same money?...

Lexus NX dashboard


Driving position, visibility, build quality

Correct us if we're wrong, but a key reason you're eyeing these large SUVs is because you want a good view out – to be able to tower above everyday hatchbacks. The BMW X5 better indulges this. While you're still a good distance off the ground in the Lexus NX, you sit higher and mightier in the X5. The NX also has thicker window pillars, reducing visibility. 

That said, the NX has a good overall driving position, including a pair of great front seats. They're heavily bolstered and have a wide range of adjustments. Finding a comfortable driving position in the X5 is a doddle, too, although its seats aren't quite as supportive. 

BMW X5 45e dashboard - 69-plate car

In the NX, Lexus gives you some suitably upmarket fixtures and fittings, with a choice of a cream, black, red or tan for the leather bits. Everything also feels well screwed together.

In fact, despite it costing more when new, the X5 doesn't really feel any more upmarket. Then again, nor does it feel cheaper; both of these cars are wonderfully classy. Just bear in mind that at this age, the X5 is likely to be showing a few signs of wear.


Infotainment systems

Lexus NX

Lexus NX interior infotainment

For a long time, Lexus was let down by overly distracting infotainment systems, but that changed with the NX; it has a very intuitive user interface. Control is via a touchscreen, measuring 14.0in in the spec of our test car (with the £950 Lexus Link Pro Pack added). As a bonus, the system gets Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone as standard. 


BMW X5 45e infotainment system - 69-plate car

We’ve long said that BMW is an infotainment class leader, and the X5 doesn’t change our mind one bit. Unlike the NX, it has a handy rotary control dial between the seats which is a big help on the move, although you can also operate the system via the 12.3in touchscreen. It comes with Apple CarPlay but not Android Auto, while the menus are easy to navigate, the graphics are crisp and it responds promptly to inputs.

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