New Mini to drop below 100g/km

* Mini One D Minimalist at 99g/km * Lower CO2 version of Mini One diesel * On sale later this year...

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What Car? Staff
03 March 2010

New Mini to drop below 100g/km

Mini will join the sub-100g/km club later this year with a low CO2 version of the Mini hatch emitting just 99g/km of CO2.

Based on the Mini One D that's available in mainland Europe only, the One D Minimalist has aerodynamics such as flush-fitting wheel trims and engine tweaks to drop CO2 from 104g/km to 99g/km. Average fuel consumption is expected to be in the region of 75mpg.

Cars emitting below 99g/km of CO2 are exempt from vehicle excise duty and company car tax would be based on 13% of the car's P11D value.

There's no word on pricing yet and no on sale date, but we'd expect you to be able to get hold of a Mini One D Minimalist from the summer for around 14,000.