New Renault Zoe vs used BMW i3: which is best?

People are switching on to electric cars, but is a brand new Renault Zoe a better buy than a used BMW i3? Read on for our verdict...


New Renault Zoe vs used BMW i3 – alternatives

The Nissan Leaf is a bit more practical than the Renault Zoe and provides plenty of equipment for your money. You can rapid-charge the Leaf, unlike the R110 version of the Zoe, but only once per day to preserve the battery life.

New Renault Zoe vs used BMW i3: which is best?

The Volkswagen e-Golf is exceptionally refined, very practical and easy to get along with. It wallows more in corners than conventionally powered versions of the Golf, due to the additional weight of its batteries, but other than that it drives in a similarly sophisticated way. The i3 can manage greater distances between charges, though.

New Renault Zoe vs used BMW i3 – which is best?

The Renault Zoe is a fine electric car in its own right, but you’re still likely to want something more desirable if you can afford it. And the great thing about a used BMW i3 is that you can go for the premium option and not lose out over three years of ownership compared with a new Zoe. What's more, you can go slightly farther in your i3 and rapid-charge it.

New Renault Zoe vs used BMW i3: which is best?

Let’s not forget, either, that the i3 will be worth more than the Zoe once you’re done with it, meaning you’ll be in a better buying position next time around. Plus, it’s always better for the environment to buy an existing car, rather than have a new one built for you, which only adds to the green appeal of running a used electric vehicle.

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