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What used Nissan Leaf hatchback will I get for my budget?

Prices for this generation of Leaf are still strong, with a 2018 Visia model still commanding around £21,000/£22,000, this for a low mileage car with a full service history bought from an independent dealer. Higher trim levels will see you fork out between £23,000 to £25,000, which is still quite a lot when you consider the price of a new car currently starts at just over £27,000 and edges up to a high of £33,000. Remember the Leaf still qualifies for the government grant of £3500, too, so you’d get this off the list price of a new one, as well as any discount our New Car Deals team might be able to find you.  


How much does it cost to run a Nissan Leaf hatchback?

One good thing about electricity is it costs less than petrol or diesel. Choose an economy tariff and you could end up paying as little as 7p per kWh, although the norm is closer to 13p per kWh. Nissan claims a range of around 168 miles under the new WLTP test, and in our real range tests it ran for 108 miles, a figure achieved in colder conditions, which it should be noted usually shorten an electric car’s range. The Leaf uses the same Type 2 connector for normal charging as most of its rivals. However, unlike the Zoe and e-Golf, there’s also a CHAdeMO connector for fast charging. Charging at home from a 7kW wallbox will take around eight hours, although you can charge to 80% from a 50kW CHAdeMO charger in about 40 minutes.

Annual car tax will be zero, as will be the London Congestion Charge. Insurance rates are low, too, currently group 21. Servicing is required every 18,000 miles and plans are available for the Leaf, allowing you to plan the services and the costs in advance.  

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