New Tesla Model 3 vs Jaguar I-Pace

After three years of hype, Tesla’s cheapest electric car, the Model 3, has finally arrived in the UK. Jaguar’s I-Pace will show whether it’s a damp squib or a spark of genius...

Jaguar I-Pace rear seats

Space and practicality

Front space, rear space, seating flexibility, boot

The Model 3 is as efficiently packaged as a German’s suitcase. Its silhouette may be modestly sized by modern standards, but it’s remarkably spacious for an executive saloon. In fact, we managed to fit in 10 carry-on suitcases, using both the main boot and that beneath the bonnet.

Tesla Model 3 rear seats

We could fit only seven cases into the I-Pace’s boot (below the parcel shelf), with its tiny under-bonnet space fit only for charging cables. But while the Model 3 has a larger load area, the I-Pace has a far bigger boot aperture, making it much easier to load bulkier items into, especially since the boot floor is farther from the ground.

There’s plenty of room in the front of both cars. However, the Model 3 offers a smidgen more leg room for anyone really tall, while the I-Pace is both wider and taller.

Taller rear passengers have a decent amount of space in which to stretch out in either car, but the very loftiest will be a bit happier in the I-Pace. In addition, the Model 3 has quite a high floor in order to accommodate the big batteries underneath, so its rear seating position isn’t quite as comfy.

Jaguar I-Pace interior

The rear of the I-Pace is slightly roomier and gives a more natural seating position than the Model 3.A wide aperture means the boot is very practical, although the storage space underneath the bonnet is disappointingly small.

Boot 577-1453 litres  Suitcases 7

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 boot

Excellent underfloor storage and a decent-sized front boot help make the Model 3 incredibly practical – as long as you can live with its smaller saloon boot opening. Two carry-on suitcases fit in the underfloor area.

Boot 450 litres (rear), 92 litres (front)  Suitcases 10

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