New video road tests

* See the new Ford KA video * Audi's Q5 4x4 on camera * New Toyota Avensis video, too...

New video road tests

Looking for a new car? We've three new video road tests that may help you make up your mind. Here's the latest from

Audi Q5
Take a virtual test-drive in Audi's Q5 with its fine-handling and great engines. But is the ride too firm? Find out here.
Audi Q5 video road test is here

Ford KA
Our road testers concluded it was more fun to drive than the Fiat 500 it's based on and passably practical for a small car, too. Have a look at the road test video here.
Ford KA video road test is here

Toyota Avensis
Toyota might be having problems in the current downturn, but on the road is where it really counts. Check out our new road test video to see how the latest Avensis compares to rivals such as the Mondeo.
Toyota Avensis video road test is here