Nissan Juke long-term test: report 6

The original Nissan Juke was one of the best-selling cars in the UK, but this second-generation model now faces much stiffer competition. We have four months to see if it can worry the class lead...

Nissan Juke long-term front end close up

The car Nissan Juke 1.0 DIG-T 117  N-Connecta Run by Louis Shaw, social media manager

Why it’s here To prove that there's more to this second-generation Juke than just distinctive looks, and that it can perform as a practical small SUV.

Needs to be Comfortable, economical and usable around town. It also needs to be able to ferry a full house and luggage on longer trips.

Mileage 2750 List price £22,395 Target Price £19,448 Price as tested £24,835  Test economy 39.8mpg Official economy 47.9mpg (combined)

07 July 2020 – The devil is in the details

Love it or hate it, the design of the original Nissan Juke has always been a divisive point. For all of its dramatic angles and curious tail light creases, the first-generation car was all about standing out, and when you look at rivals, such as the Toyota CH-R and the Citroën C3 Aircross, it’s hard to argue that the latest model is as bravely styled as the previous version.

Nissan Juke long term compare

That all said, to my eyes at least, it’s that restraint which makes this Juke a design success. It’s not as wild as it used to be, but I reckon that very fact gives it the potential to appeal to a wider audience.

Nissan Juke Long-term lights close up

From the oversized circular headlights placed high up on the bumper to the slim LED’s above them, the look is familiar but also fresh. You only need look at the rear three quarters of the car to see how the designers have taken the source material and improved it. Where the rear window frame previously continued beyond the doorline and onto the bodywork, it now finishes neatly with the door handle in a resolved manner. In my opinion, the Juke's is one of the best executed transitions from one generation of car to another.

Nissan Juke Long-term door handles

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