Nissan to boost Leaf dealership network

* Nissan Leaf outlet to increase ten-fold * UK production to help cut costs * and fuel demand throughout Europe...

Nissan to boost Leaf dealership network

Nissan Leaf prices are set to tumble, and the car maker is also planning to boost its European dealer network for the electric car by around 900 outlets.

Production of Nissan's all-electric trailblazer starts at its Sunderland factory early next year, in a move that should slash costs and help fuel demand for the car throughout Europe.

The Leafs list price rose by more than 2000 to 25,990 (including the 5000 Government grant) in 2011, because of currency fluctuations between the pound and the Japanese yen. Producing the car in the UK, should result in a significant cut in its purchase price.

In addition, the current network of around 100 Leaf outlets, will increase to more than 1000 across Europe by the end of the year, Nissan has revealed. The amount of UK dealers selling the Leaf will rise to 150 by 2013.

Nissan also plans to install 400 quick chargers at dealerships throughout Europe by the summer, with thousands more to follow by December.

These will allow Leaf owners to recharge their cars batteries to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes.

There are also plans to launch a Leaf courtesy car programme, which will allow current Nissan customers to test a Nissan Leaf while their own cars are being repaired or serviced.

Paul Willcox, Nissans European vice-president of sales and marketing, said: 'This is a big year for the Nissan Leaf in Europe and we are committed to creating an environment for electric mobility to thrive across the continent.'

Greg Stuart

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